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Snow Roof Rake, 22in Width 16ft Length

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Keep heavy snow from damaging your roof and gutters.

Ultra-light rake tackles tough snow removal jobs. 16-foot extending, aircraft aluminum three-piece handle; big 4-5/8-inch x 22-inch wide blade with solid aluminum braces, riveted for extra strength. 5-inch vinyl grip.

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Product Specs
  • The short (about 3' long) top section, is slightly curved so you can get the right angle on your roof to move snow. The first handle section is about 7' long, and the top section locks into it. The first handle section slides into the bottom handle section, (which is also about 7' long), then extends and locks for total 16' length. Total assembled length, approx.16ft. 4 5/8in. blade height, 22in. blade width, 5in. vinyl grip.
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  • Manufacturer supplies a full warranty against manufacturer defects in quality and workmanship.
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