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Root Pouch 20 Gallon Navy Grow Bag with ArborRain Mini

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Provide slow and steady water coverage to your grow bag over a 5 hour period.

The Leonard ArborRain Mini 2.5 Gallon Watering System is the perfect companion to keep your tomatoes and other stalk-type vegetables evenly watered within the grow bag. The ArborRain Mini is equipped with two emitters that provide even water coverage over a 5 hour period, giving your tomatoes a slow, steady, and thorough drink.

The ArborRain Mini fits perfectly on top of the 20 gallon Root Pouch grow bag. This grow bag is non-degradable for multiple seasons of use. All seams are reinforced with an industrial strength stitch for a stronger, sturdier grow bag that will not easily unravel after continued use. Wash and store the bag without taking up any room.

The Root Pouch grow bag is made from recycled plastic water bottles, along with a mixture of jute and bamboo, to assist in keeping an even moisture retention throughout the bag. The breathable fabric also helps to naturally prune the roots of the plant, creating a more rigorous and fibrous root system for a stronger, healthier plant.

Save when you buy the set! This kit includes one Leonard ArborRain Mini 2.5 Gallon Watering Bag (item #AR02) and one Root Pouch 20 Gallon Navy Grow Bag (item ##RPT20N).

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