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Ross Root Feeder Cartridge Refills — Trees & Shrubs, Pack of 36

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Effective and easy-to-use!

Deciduous shade trees and shrubs benefit from a healthy feeding directly to the root system. A high amount of nitrogen helps the plant grow strong and healthy foliage. Jobe's designed their Ross Root Feeder system to provide such a nitrogen-rich, direct feeding! Using the Ross Root Feeder requires 3 easy steps:
  • 1. Place the fertilizer cartridge in the chamber
  • 2. Hook the unit up to your garden hose
  • 3. Start feeding!
The Ross Root Feeding system prevents run-off and wasted water. No mixing or measuring, simply follow the recommended application rate provided with the cartridges! Sample rate of application for established trees: one per one foot of height with the root feeder inserted at 12 inches deep.

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