Root Pouch Non-Degradable Reusable Grow Bags

Root Pouch's most rugged linedesigned to be used season after season.

All seams and stitching are reinforced with an industrial strength stitch for a stronger, sturdier grow bag that will not easily unravel after continued use. Wash and store them without taking up any room. They're made from recycled water bottles, helping the environment.

The Root Pouch's recycled plastic, along with a mixture of jute and bamboo, assist in keeping an even moisture retention throughout the grow bag. The breathable fabric also helps to naturally prune the roots of the plant, creating a more rigorous and fibrous root system for a stronger, healthier plant.

Ideal for mixed flower containers and growing fruits and vegetables. Sold individually.

Item # Height Color Capacity Width Dimension Size Stock Status Price Qty
RPP10G 12 Inches Green 10 Gallons 16 Inches 16"W x 12"H 10 gallon In Stock $7.43
RPP30G 16-1/2 Inches Green 30 Gallons 24 Inches 24"W x 16-1/2"H 30 gallon In Stock $13.49
RPP5R 10-1/4 Inches Red 5 Gallons 11 Inches 11"W x 10-1/4"H 5 gallon In Stock $6.39
RPT20N 15-7/8 Inches Navy 20 Gallons 19-7/8 Inches 19-7/8"W x 15-7/8"H 20 gallon In Stock $10.39
RPP7G 11-3/4 Inches Green 7 Gallons 14 Inches 14"W x 11-3/4"H 7 gallon In Stock $7.72
RPP10R 12 Inches Red 10 Gallons 16 Inches 16"W x 12"H 10 gallon Out of Stock
RPP15G 15 Inches Green 15 Gallons 17 Inches 17"W x 15"H 15 gallon Out of Stock
RPP5G 10-1/4 Inches Green 5 Gallons 11 Inches 11"W x 10-1/4"H 5 gallon In Stock $6.39
RPP5N 10-1/4 Inches Navy 5 Gallons 11 Inches 11"W x 10-1/4"H 5 gallon In Stock $6.51
RPT20R 15-7/8 Inches Red 20 Gallons 19-7/8 Inches 19-7/8"W x 15-7/8"H 20 gallon In Stock $10.39
BOXER3 8-1/2 Inches Brown 3 Gallons 10 Inches 10"W x 8.5"H 3 gallon In Stock $5.36
BOXER30 16-1/2 Inches Brown 30 Gallons 24 Inches 24"W x 16-1/2"H 30 gallon In Stock $13.49
BOXER10 12 Inches Brown 10 Gallons 16 Inches 16"W x 12"H 10 gallon In Stock $7.48
BOXER20 15-7/8 Inches Brown 20 Gallons 19-7/8 Inches 19-7/8"W x 15-7/8"H 20 gallon In Stock $10.39
BOXER5 10-1/4 Inches Brown 5 Gallons 11 Inches 11"W x 10-1/4"H 5 gallon In Stock $6.51
BOXER15 15 Inches Brown 15 Gallons 17 Inches 17"W x 15"H 15 gallon In Stock $8.39
BOXER7 11-3/4 Inches Brown 7 Gallons 14 Inches 14"W x 11-3/4"H 7 gallon In Stock $6.99
RPP10N 12 Inches Navy 10 Gallons 16 Inches 16"W x 12"H 10 gallon In Stock $8.01
RPP15R 15 Inches Red 15 Gallons 17 Inches 17"W x 15"H 15 gallon Out of Stock
RPT20G 15-7/8 Inches Green 20 Gallons 19-7/8 Inches 19-7/8"W x 15-7/8"H 20 gallon Out of Stock

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from ME

Beware of the Fall Tear-up!


I like the bags that I bought last year. They were good for nurturing tomato plants and squashes as intended. The problem came at the end of the growing season when they were torn to bits in a matter of days by squirrels using the fibers for nest building for winter. I tried every kind of deterrent spray I could find including - finally - paint. Nothing stopped the shredding. The remains are unusable, except, I suppose, if you're a squirrel.

from AR

Root Pouch


Just received 3 gallon and 5 gallon root pouches. Set plants into pouches, and they work well. They are a little shorter than I expected, but they look great!

from MA

Root pouch bags


I buy and use a lot of these in our garden education programs. They are fabulous for small spaces as container gardens. I love that they are made of recycled plastic and last several years. I wish the color wouldn't fade but other than that they are super great and highly recommended!

from IN

Convenient way to plant


A convenient way to plant. Makes your plants very mobile. You can move them anywhere you want.

from IL

Love this new product


I don't have a lot of sun in my yard, so these bags are my only option. What a great idea!

from OH

grow bags


These are well made and the brown blends into the garden nicely. They are a good price.

from NJ

So Far, So Good


So far, so good. Used for tomato plants so far, and for carrying groceries from market. Works very well. Will update review after longer term use.

from CA

Practical and Attractive Root Pouches


I bought 25 brown Root Pouches in 5 gal, 7 gal and 15 gal sizes. I needed to temporarily move several small to large size plants from an area of my yard while it is being revamped. I was considering several options including black plastic grow pots but these Root Pouches were reasonably priced and they looked so much better than anything else I had considered. So far, I have moved two grapevines, a 3yr old fruit tree and several large hydrangeas into 15 gal root pouches and put smaller plants into the smaller bags. I am fortunate to have drip irrigation still available to most of the bags. They seem to dry out a little quicker at least on the surface but the deeper soil seems to stay moist. I really like these bags and decided to try some tomatoes, mini watermelons, cukes, onions and carrots in the larger bags. This allowed me to use areas of the yard not previously accessible for gardening. Everything is growing nicely and I was able to grow things I didn't have room for in the past!

from PA

Easy to use


Very durable. Seams are strong and appears will last several years. The price is good compared to what the competition offers.

from CA

Alternative use


I'm not using these (bought several sizes) in the garden. Instead, they make the BEST grocery bags ever! Stand up alone for easy loading and look like they will last a long time.

from IL

Great Customer Service and excellent bags


I purchased two 10 gallon and one 20 gallon root pouch last year. The non-degradable bags are very tough. I did receive a pot that the stitching was compromised and had a decent hole but Gardener's Edge took care of that right away and replaced that bag (Thanks Amanda B.). I planted tomatoes and tomatillos in these bags. I am going to purchase a few more and try growing zucchini and ground cherries in these this season. They do dry out quicker than a traditional container but I find traditional pots usually don't drain well enough so I'd rather water more often and get good drainage than have water-logged pots. I had planned on dumping soil and keep bags in the garage over winter (Chicagoland) but I did not and so far they seem to have held up pretty good despite my laziness. The ONLY problem I have is finding more room for more pots!

from TX

I love the color.


I have been growing in grow bags for years, first the all black SmartPot and then others. These bags say they are red and green. They are closer to cranberry and avocado in color, and really look sharp. Don't know how they will hold up with the squirrels but I'll let you know.

from WA

Used 5 years, still using


Have used the largest ones for over 5 years for many things, storing soil, growing potatoes (works really well for this), collecting grass and leaves, etc. They are sturdy and long-lasting. Really amazingly helpful around the greenhouse and garden areas and very reasonably priced for their versatility.

from WA

love these bags


I have used these bags since they first arrived on the market. I use them in my commercial green house and they are still in great shape and going strong. Best breathable bag on the market and I have used them all.

from IL

Destroyed the first week of use


I was so hopeful these would work. We have never had squirrel damage before but these bags seemed to invite squirrels. Hopelessly chewed up within the first week.

from TX

Capable Pot Doubles as a Squirrel Magnet


I hold great promise for these pots, but I cannot see them lasting more than a few seasons. Squirrels love chewing holes in the sides. Even without the squirrels the fabric seems to be fading fast.

from WA

Best I've seen yet


I've been using mainly fiber bags for my plants these days. I started out making my own, and I still do for smaller ones. It's difficult to sew the heavier-duty bags though. I've bought many different brands. Some are absolutely overpriced, some don't survive well, and some work pretty good. But THESE are THE BEST by a long shot. They are quite heavy-duty, stand up by themselves, made from heavy-duty stuff, sewn well, and bonus: they have great handles! The price is very good too. I think these are going to make great bags for recycles and shopping too. So I just have to order more! You can use subirrigation with fiber bags too, if you build a water trough to set the bags in, or use containers within the bag to hold water at the bottom. Seep hoses work well with them too. The plants grow really, really well in the bags as long as you keep the water content steady.

from WA

Blog report on these bags


Per my previous remark: I decided to write a blog post about these bags ... you might like reading it ...

Gardeners Edge responds: Thank you for sharing!

from OR

Root Pouch for Roof Deck


I bought these for a large roof deck where weight was an issue. They are a very low cost way to have a lot of big planters inexpensively. I have 20 of the 20 gallon (10 green, 10 red) and I've used them for 1 summer. I've grown strawberries, herbs, flowers (black and blue salvia, croscosmia, daisies, barberries, grasses) and so far all have done well. I also have 5 25-gallon black root pouches with large shrubs. The handles are very convenient for moving the plants around. I don't have them in drip pans and this is OK--no soil escapes through the pot and the water that comes through is only slightly discolored. It doesn't stain the deck underneath. Over the summer, green algae has grown on the sides of the pots and this doesn't look so good on the red pots, but it is hardly noticeable on the green and black pots. Both the red and the green pots have faded, and the green fades better. The paler green still looks like it could be an original pot, but the red looks faded.

from CA



I have read a lot about these "root pouch pots". I really would like to purchase these pots. Please help me and tell me how can I purchase these root pouch pots. Thank you.

Gardeners Edge responds: You can place an order on our website by adding the desired quantity into the shopping cart and then filling out the shipping and billing information on the checkout page. You can also place an order over the phone by calling 888-556-5676. One of our customer service reps will gladly help you with your order!

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