Root Assassin One Shot Winged Shovels

Dig deeper and move more with less effort!

Root Assassin engineered their One Shot Winged Shovel to move more with less effort. The unique winged design of the shovel sets it apart from the rest. The sides of the blade keep your load contained during transport, resulting in less spills when transferring material to a pile or wheelbarrow.

The blade of the One Shot Winged Shovel is designed to give you more foot control. The extra-sharp point allows you to dig deeper with less effort. Use this shovel for trenching, cutting sod, or moving materials. It works well with nearly any material including soil, sand, or gravel.

This all-purpose shovel is equipped with a 2 mm thick steel blade. A 38 mm metal collar connects the blade to a fiberglass shaft. Root Assassin also attaches an adjustable rubber grip to the middle of the shaft and a rubber end grip.

Choose from either a 43-inch D-grip handle or a 60-inch straight handle below.

Item # Handle Type Length Stock Status Price Qty
1SHOTD D-Grip 43 Inches In Stock $50.29
1SHOTL Straight 60 Inches In Stock $50.29

Product Information


  • Product weight (pounds): 6
  • Product length (inches): Varies
  • Handle type: Varies
  • Handle material: Fiberglass
  • Handle diameter (mm): 3
  • Blade material: Steel
  • Blade thickness (mm): 2

Product Features

  • Durable steel blade
  • Winged blade design
  • Extra-sharp point
  • Fiberglass handle
  • Adjustable rubber grip

Product Benefits

  • Extra-sharp point allows you to dig deeper with less effort
  • Winged design keeps load contained during transport
  • Blade design allows for excellent foot control
  • Cuts sharp and clean lines

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