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Roosters Organic Original Compost, 40 Pound Bag

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Packed with essential nutrients and micro-organisms!

Rooster's Organic's Original Compost is the perfect blend of nitrogen and carbon. This OMRI-listed slow-release fertilizer contains manure from Ohio-raised chickens. Chicken manure is rich in micronutrients, including calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, zinc, and manganese. This bag contains 40 pounds of compost.

The beneficial nutrients and microbes in this compost help plants flourish. Use it with your flowers, houseplants, and in your garden. Beneficial micro-organisms stimulate root growth and nutrient absorption, which leads to healthier plants. Rooster's Original Compost also improves soil, water, and nutrient retention. You can even add it to your home compost to improve compost speed and quality.

Rooster's Organic feeds their chickens a specialized blend of seed. This seed is free from seeds of invasive plant species which results in fewer weeds (and weeding) in your garden!


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