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Rock Salt 50lb Bag

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Keep your sidewalk and driveway safe!

Rock salt works by drilling a hole through the ice until it meets pavement, then the salt spreads out to separate the ice from the pavement. This product consists of fast acting smaller pieces, and long lasting larger pieces. Any product that melts ice and snow may cause concrete surfaces to deteriorate faster, and may be harmful to vegetation, including flower beds, trees, shrubs, and grass. For best results, be sure to only use the recommended amount, and remove slush promptly. Do not use on brick or flagstone walkways having mortar joints. The potential for concrete damage must always be weighed against the potential for injury from a slip on ice. Instructions: Driveway and sidewalk use: Evenly sprinkle 1/2 to 1 cup of rock salt per square yard on driveways, steps, porches, and other walkways. Sufficient melting should occur within 30 minutes. Promptly remove the slush formed. Spreading rock salt while snow is falling will prevent snow and ice from becoming hard packed and sticking to walkway surfaces. Remove as soon as snowfall ends. Car use: When car is stuck on snow or on ice, spread rock salt generously under the wheels to provide traction.

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