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Pruner with Leather Handle

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Effortlessly trim branches with our comfortable, high-quality Pruners.

Trimming twigs, branches, and even flowers effortlessly is now a pleasure with our comfortable Pruners. Crafted from high-quality carbon steel, they boast exceptional durability and sharpness. The leather-covered handles not only protect your hands but also provide an improved grip for precision cuts. Plus, these pruners can be securely closed after use, making storage safe and hassle-free. The perfect tool for a well-maintained garden or orchard.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Cut branches, twigs and flowers: Yes
  • Made from high quality carbon steel: Yes
  • Leather covered handles: Yes
  • Can be closed securely: Yes
Product Features
  • Cut branches, twigs and flowers
  • Made from high quality carbon steel
  • Leather covered handles
  • Can be closed securely
Product Shipping Weight
  • 0.58 pounds
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What can be cut with these Pruners?
These Pruners can be used to trim branches, twigs, and flowers.

2. What material are these Pruners made from?
These Pruners are made from high-quality carbon steel.

3. How are the handles of these Pruners designed?
The handles of these Pruners are covered with leather, providing both comfort and an improved grip.

4. Can these Pruners be securely closed?
Yes, these Pruners can be closed securely, allowing them to be safely stowed away after use.

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