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Propagation Mat, 90 Watt, 23in x 15in

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Efficiently Grow Your Plants: Electra Grow Propagation Mat - 90 Watt, 23 inch x 15 inch.

Easy to use "Electra Grow" mat plugs into any 110-120V AC system. Heavy-duty rubber mat comes complete with flat or pot support frame which lets heat rise and air circulate between mat and flat. Waterproof (except at plug) and comes with UL approved cord. 23in x 15in, 90W, .9 amp, wt 6-1/2 lb.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • 23in. overall length, 15in. overall width, 6.5lbs. overall weight, 110 watts, .9 amp. The temperature at the mat is approx. 100 degrees. The temperature at flat will vary depending on surrounding temperatures.
Product Warranty Information
  • Manufacturer supplies a one-year warranty against defects.
Product Features
  • Propagation Mat: Efficiently grow your plants with ease
  • 90 Watt: Ideal for small to medium sized growing spaces
  • 23 inch x 15 inch: Large enough for multiple pots or flats
  • Easy to use: Simply plug into any 110 120V AC outlet
  • Heavy duty rubber mat: Built to last and support your plants
  • Waterproof: Safe to use and won't damage surrounding areas
  • Temperature control: Maintains a consistent temperature of 100 degrees for optimal plant growth
Product Shipping Weight
  • 6.5 pounds
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is a propagation mat?
A propagation mat is a gardening tool that helps to regulate soil temperature for optimal growth of plants and seeds. It is often used in indoor gardening, greenhouses, and nurseries to start seeds or propagate cuttings.

2. What are the features of the Electra Grow propagation mat?
The Electra Grow propagation mat is 23 inches by 15 inches in size and has a power output of 90 watts and .9 amps. It is easy to use and can plug into any 110-120V AC system. The mat is made of heavy duty rubber and comes with a flat or pot support frame, which allows heat to rise and air to circulate between the mat and flat. The mat is waterproof, except at the plug, and comes with a UL approved cord. It weighs 6.5 lbs and the temperature at the mat is approximately 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. What are the benefits of using a propagation mat?
A propagation mat helps to create a warm and consistent environment for seed germination and plant growth. It can speed up the germination process, increase successful seedling growth, and encourage healthy root development. Propagation mats allow gardeners to start plants earlier in the season and extend the growing season overall.

4. Can the Electra Grow propagation mat be used outside?
The Electra Grow propagation mat is designed for indoor or greenhouse use only. It is not intended to be used outside, as it is not weatherproof and could be damaged by exposure to the elements.

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