Precision Spray Equipment Rechargeable 5 Gallon Sprayer



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Forget Hand Pumping and Heavy Lifting

The Precision Spray Equipment Cordless Rechargeable 5 Gallon Sprayer's compact size makes it easy to handle. An overnight charge provides enough power to spray 8 tanks of solutions for a total of 40 gallons! 1.0 GPM on demand pump is quick to respond, just pull the trigger and begin spraying. Corrosion resistant polyethylene tank with built in charger storage. Comes completely assembled, simply charge it up and it will be ready to use!

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Product Features

  • 12V Rechargeable Battery
  • AC Charger with Indicator Light
  • Commercial Grade Wiring Harness and Fuse
  • Lever Handgun with Adjustable Nozzle
  • Handgun Sprays up to 12ft Vertical and 25ft Horizontal
  • Weatherproof Components
  • Telescopic Handle
  • 9ft Coil Hose
  • Molded Fill Level Lines in Gallons and Liters
  • Large Fill Mouth
  • 8in Wheels
  • 14.5in Wide from Wheel to Wheel

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Overall Rating: 3/5

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from TX

Lost the battery charger


I have really enjoyed the ease of using this sprayer. We are moving, and in the process we have evidently lost the charger. Can I buy a new battery charger?

from FL

Problematic - Limited Battery Recharge


I have purchased two of these sprayers. In each case, the product works well for a couple of months. Then, the battery refuses to take a charge. Becomes non-functional. Repair difficult to impossible. So, you spend around $200 (including shipping) and have to purchase another one in short order. I do not recommend this product.

from SA

Charging problem


Won sprayer a year ago and never used it. Tried charging this season and won’t take a charge. Checked all connections still nothing. Like the idea of no pumping. Can’t truly evaluate.

from TX

Battery will not charge


I like the sprayer especially for my wife who likes to spray and not have to stop and pump. After not using it for six months and then charging it, nothing happens. Is there a replacement battery I can purchase for it? I have the 5 gallon precision garden sprayer. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much.

Gardener's Edge responds: Our customer service team will contact you shortly and see what we can do to help!

from SA



Like the idea but first time using it the handle leaked. Took it apart, no washer. Lucky we had one. Two months later the switch has gone on it, now looking for part.

from WI

I am so diappointed-----


Good idea but poor execution. Bought it one year ago and it had trouble keeping a charge. Then this year, first use, the tube under the wand is cracked, rendering it useless. Poorly made. I hope this can be repaired.

from NY

hunk of junk


Used twice last year. Went to use it today for spraying liquid fence. Housing tube under handle has hairline crack. No replacement wands available, apparently. Would be OK if were slightly better quality fittings.

from MN



I really like it this sprayer. The only problem I have is that the sprayer seems kind of cheap but works.

from NC

Not very durable.


Worked well but wheels are not large enough to keep it from scrapping the ground. Bottom wore out and developed a leak. The screws came loose every time I used it and even though I tightened them often they eventually fell out and became lost. Not sure if I can repair it and it only lasted one year. Great product with a few design modifications and better fasteners.

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