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You can easily carry heavy loads when you share the burden with this PotLifter sling.

The PotLifter provides an easy, back-saving way to move heavy or awkward items. Use it to relocate large flower pots, tree root balls, landscaping stones etc. Holds items from 9 to 26 inches in diameter, or up to a 7 foot circumference. Lifetime warranty.

Product Information


  • 200 lb capacity
  • Fits objects as small as 9 inches to as large as 26 inches in diameter or objects with a 84 inch circumference (measurement around the object)
  • Made of woven nylon straps, hard poly buckles (including the red "squigly" cradle that holds the object), and pvc handles

Product Features

Sling has a pair of carry handles, so two people can move objects using both hands Includes carry bag

Product Benefits

The handles are an excellent way to reduce hand fatigue Move large flowerpots, tree root balls, hay bales, landscaping stones, firewood, bags of cement, mulch, feed, etc.


Lifetime manufacturer guarantee

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from CA

Extremely Helpful Tool!


This is a strong, smart, well-constructed tool for moving large pots around the garden. Saves your back and I am an older woman who cannot move large pots alone, but with another equally semi-strong individual, we can move any of my over-sized pots anywhere I need. Wish I had this years ago!

from VT

Still needs big people to lift my pots


Bought item so I could move all my big pots(Very Big). Have arthritis so was hoping the lifter would help, but still had to get other people to do the lifting. Still think the item is good.

from AR

Perfect Gift


We gave this to our family who live in AZ and move large pots around their pool often. This has made it much easier. We are active volunteers of a Botanical Garden and I plan to order one more pot lifter to give to our head gardener at the Botanical Garden.

from MD

pot lifter


The Pot Lifter is AWESOME!!! It makes it so much more easy to move my huge pots.

from MA



So Glad I finally purchased the PotLifter. I can finally move those very heavy pots without hurting my back. My husband and I use to move the pots without the Lifter and it was really difficult at times and I never looked forward to it. Now with the PotLifter I know it will only take us a few minutes to move the pots without over exerting ourselves. And I feel freer to experiment with moving the pots because I know that it is so easy to do now.

from OH



My husband & I used the Potlifter to move a large pot off our patio so we could power wash. Even he was impressed that we could move the pot so easily and for such a distance with no problems. A little finagling was required to get it under the pot but that was not that difficult.

from IL

Pot lifter


I bought this to make moving my pots easier for my son and husband who did the moving, but they lost it! I still say it's a great idea and if I can find it, I'll use it.

from MN

Handy Helper


I used this this spring to move some of my heavier pots into place. I also used to load and unload pots for our county fair and will use it again for putting pots away in a short. I was even able to move some by myself using the pot lifter.

from CA

Pot-Lifter really works!


Although it took us a few tries to set it up the first time, we are really happy with our pot-lifter. With little effort we moved a very large pot filled with soil and tree from the front porch to the back yard.

from AL

The pot lifter


I bought it because we have several large pots that are too heavy for one person to lift, but it was very "doable" for my husband and I, and neither of us were injured!

from FL

Pot Lifter


Bought this because many of my plants are mature & I can no longer move by myself. Moving in & out of green house is especially helpful. Would highly recommend to all.

from KY



We wondered how such a simple idea would work. We bought a potlifter and then we found out that it does work and it works in such a rewardable way. We are dedicated gardeners and move large containers in and out of our home, according to the seasons. This potlifter has made our work so very easy, it is almost hard to believe. Pick it up easy and put it down easy.

from PA

the quality of this product was good.


I received this item in just a few days. The product came in handy as winter weather was fast approaching. The products listed in this website are unique and are worth the money.

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