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Poly Clips Bag of 25

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Poly clips are ready to use—no tools required.

Made of tough all-weather 100 recycled polypropylene and polyethylene. Can either be installed permanently or reused. Poly clips work with shade cloth, burlap, netting, and many other materials. Sold in bags of 25.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Made of polypropylene and polyethylene, clam-shaped with teeth to grip, has a 3/8 in. loop protruding at the hinge for tying down, made of 100% recycled plastic, center hole 1/2", 10 posts fasten through material, packed 25.
PFR Warranty
  • Product is covered by A.M. Leonard's full one year warranty against manufacturer defects for products when used under normal conditions.
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