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Plant Nanny 1 Liter Olla In-Ground Waterer

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Effortlessly nourish plants with Plant Nanny 1L Olla for robust growth.

Plant Nanny Olla 1 Liter releases water slowly beneath the soil surface near the plant’s root system. Subsoil watering promotes deeper and hardier root development. With a large capacity revivor, this size is designed for raised beds, container gardens, and smaller planters. The innovative refill indicator lets you know when the Olla needs to be refilled - just watch the ball's position - when it drops near the lif, it's time to add water. Simple to use - identify where to place the Olla, bury it up to the neck (leave the lid exposed), fill with water, and add the lid with the indicator ball. Refill when the indicator ball drops to the lid.

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