One Step Deer Fence Posts, 7-Ft Tall, 4-Pack



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Angled Deer Fencing is Easy to Install and Works!

One Step Deer Fence Posts provide a 7-foot angled barrier to keep deer out of your yard or garden. The 45-degree angled top portion of the post is the key. Deer have poor depth perception. If they can't tell how deep something is, they won't jump it! One Step Deer Fence Posts install easily with no tools! Simply use your body weight to step the post into position, while the cleats hold the post secure. Y-shaped notches at the top hold the netting in place during installation. Use fence ties to secure fencing material to the post. We also recommend securing the bottom of the fencing with anchor pins. Made from a durable 1/2-inch black powder-coated steel rod. Posts are 8-feet tall with 1-foot below the ground for a 7-foot tall fence. Each post comes in two 4-foot sections that easily screw together. They work best when placed no more than 8-feet apart. Made in the USA. Fencing, fence ties, and ground anchors sold separately.