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Nelson Dual Shut Off Valve and Hose Bib Adapter with Rezimar Construction

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Long-lasting shut off valve won't rust or corrode and resists mineral buildup.

A slight upgrade to the standard brass valve that we sell from Orbit, #BY47. The right plastic can work wonders in certain applications. Plastics stand up to water like no other material. It never rusts, corrodes or oxidizes, and with its low coefficient of friction, it has superior resistance to mineral buildup.

But metal has its advantages too. It can withstand higher crushing forces, and in many watering products, its weight can provide a desirable measure of heft and stability that plastic alone cannot. Combine these two materials and you get the ideal combination of an exceptional look and feel with advanced performance!

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Brass and plastic construction
  • Dual shut-off
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