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Natural Alternative Protilizer Seed and Plant Activator 6 oz.

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The First Step to Healthy, Happy Plants

Protilizer® Seed and Plant Activator is packed with billions of proprietary beneficial microbes and mycorrhizae fungi to speed germination of seeds and drastically reduce transplant shock.

It aids strong root growth for efficient water and nutrient absorption, replaces the need for fungicides, and overtakes soil pathogens and plant diseases, making Protilizer® a good solution for the maintenance of established plants. 100% organic and OMRI listed. Makes 12 gallons of finished product.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Net wt 6 oz (.17kg)
  • OMRI listed and 100% organic
  • Makes 12 gallons.
  • Each gallon treats eighteen 4in pots, 64 bulbs or 72 plugs.
  • Ideal for seeds, bulbs, flowers, roses, vegetables, trees and shrubs.
Product Features
  • Contains billions of proprietary beneficial microbes and Michorizae fungi to grow strong roots and secure plant health. Helps get seeds and transplants off to a healthy start.
  • National rose growers love Protilizer for producing award-winning roses.
  • 100% Organic and OMRI Listed.
  • Makes 12 gallons of finished product.
  • Handy scoop included for easy, accurate measuring.
  • Use with seeds, seedlings, bulbs, herbs, flowers, roses, vegetables, shrubs, trees and even brown spots on the lawn.
  • Ideal at the time of planting to keep plants from going into shock and to help seeds germinate quickly.
  • Drastically reduces shock and spindly plants.
  • Outpaces soil pathogens and plant diseases.
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