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Micro Clover Seed Shaker with Soil Builder and Compost Booster, Covers 1,000 Sq Ft

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Transform Your Lawn with the Micro Clover Kit 1kft

From Carton to Seed Spreader, our kits give you everything you need to transform your lawn. Each kit includes a packet of seeds and a carrier product made from soybean hulls. In just four easy steps, you can transform your normal grass lawn into a beautiful flowering lawn. Open carton and remove all contents. Open seed pouches and pour into carton. Re-close carton and shake well. Open spout and begin seeding your lawn! How To Start Your Flowering Lawn Journey -- No need to remove grass; simply mow existing grass very short then use the carton to mix the seed packets with the carrier product and spread the flowering lawn seed into the grass evenly using the carton as a spreader, water, and watch it grow! Or dormant seed over fresh snow on a calm day when the ground is frozen.

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