Melon and Squash Cradles Set of 6

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Grow Perfectly Ripe and Blemish-free Melons and Squash

These cradles keep melons and squash off the ground and out of contact with soil, bugs, moisture, and disease. They provide all-around airflow to promote even ripening and to minimize rot. Made from galvanized steel with a powder-coat finish for a long life. Sold as a set of six cradles. Cradles stack for compact off-season storage.

Product Information

Product Features
  • Use to elevate cantaloupes, honeydews, small watermelons, squash, and more
  • Provides airflow for even ripening of fruit
  • Lifts fruit off the ground away from pests, diseases, and moisture
  • Stack for storage
  • Galvanized and powder-coated steel for a long life
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