Medium Weight Crop Cover, .9oz

Simple Protection from Frost and Insects, While Extending Your Growing Season!

This crop cover, also referred to as a floating row cover or frost blanket, acts as a protective greenhouse. It holds in warmth to provide early and increased yields. It's great for pest control and to extend your harvest into the chilly fall weather. No wire support hoops are necessary. This crop cover is so light it can be placed directly on the plants without damaging them. The rugged breathable material allows water, air, sunlight, and soluble fertilizers to pass through and won't overheat plants like plastics can. It also works well as a winter wrap for shrubs and small trees. This medium weight crop cover is .9oz and protects plants down to 26°F (-3°C). 70% light transmission. Two-year life expectancy.

Item # Size Stock Status Price Qty
CM0610 6-Feet x 100-Feet Out of Stock
CM1012 10-Feet x 12-Feet Out of Stock
CM0650 6-Feet x 50-Feet Out of Stock

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