Magnum™ Mole Trap



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Ship Weight 4.00 lbs
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Why wonder when you can make sure you've killed that pesky mole!

With 76% greater striking power than the competition, the Magnum is for people who are serious about eliminating mole damage. This mole trap has a larger trap area and longer trap zone for maximum effectiveness. Eight steel spikes are set with cam arming, which requires less effort to cock and to set the trigger. Precision activation for fewer false alarms. Simply insert in the ground over the active tunnel and set the trigger.

Product Information


  • 6 and 1/2" trap width
  • Spikes are 5 and 3/4" long

Product Features

  • Ideal for lawns, gardens, golf courses, university and hospital grounds, anywhere mole tunnels are present


One-year manufacturer guarantee



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