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M-Wear Rainwear, Green Jacket

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  • Waterproof - Without this you don?t have rainwear. All Flexothane garments are 100% waterproof. Every section of fabric is rigorously tested to ensure it meets the highest standard before being cut for garment production. All seams are high frequency welded, not taped, it ensures water tightness at the time of manufacture.
  • Windproof - Flexothane is unique in that its high tech polyurethane coating on a polyamide backing makes it impossible for wind to get through!
  • Cold-resistant - Doesn't pass cold through like unlined PVC or poly
  • Noiseless - Because Flexothane is made of polyurethane it makes virtually no noise as you move about, a handy thing if you work around animals. You know the hideous noise your old PVC gear makes when you?re working? This one doesn't.
  • Supple - even when it's cold out, Flexothane stays flexible.
  • Breathable - Does it breathe? Yes, it does. Flexothane is water vapour permeable so it is much more comfortable than your many other P.U. garments. Includes quality backing is inside to enhance your comfort.
  • Lightweight - Flexothane garments are extremely lightweight. In fact they?re up to 50% lighter than conventional rainwear and are lighter than any other polyurethane garment found on the market. Finally, you?ll be free to move around in your wet weather gear with ease and comfort.
  • Hygienic - Flexothane is anti-fungal treated during manufacture to help stop mold and odour formation.
  • 150% Stretchable - Not only is Flexothane lightweight it also stretches up to an amazing 150% both horizontally and vertically without damage! You can imagine what an advantage this offers the wearer over more conventional fabrics. The elasticity also means Flexothane is very soft to touch.
  • Extremely Tear-resistant - The special loop structure of Flexothane?s backing fabric is designed to help limit tearing. If you get snagged on something Flexothane's awesome "stretch" will increase your reaction time before the fabric tears. If you do get a hole the same nifty loop structure will help prevent the tear from getting any larger.
  • Machine Washable - Actually, it is essential you wash your Flexothane garment regularly. Just pop your garment in the washing machine on a gentle, warm cycle, add powder and drip dry inside out! Your garment will come out as clean as a whistle and you?ll find it will stay waterproof for a whole lot longer!
  • It?s easy on nature. Flexothane doesn?t contain chloride so when your garment wears out you?re going easy on the environment when you dispose of it.
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