Leonard Tri-Edge Pruning Saw, 13-inch Curved Blade

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An inexpensive tri-edge style saw with all the quality professionals count on!

We've combined features to offer a quality saw at an affordable price: Japanese steel that produces quality cutting edges, tri-edge teeth for quick cutting, chrome-plating to add hardness and prevent rusting, 7-point blade with set teeth to provide smooth cuts, rubberized molded grip for comfort and control. The 13-inch curved blade is sized for most pruning jobs. If you need an inexpensive tri-edge style saw that has all the quality professionals look for, your search is over! Lifetime warranty.

Product Information


  • Tri-cut blade length is 13"
  • Overall length is 20 and 1/4"
  • 7 pt. blade
  • Blade can be sharpened using Product Number TSS

Product Features

  • Hole at the end of handle and at the end of blade
  • Japanese steel blade
  • Tri-cut teeth
  • Chrome plated blade
  • 7 teeth per inch; 7 "point"
  • Rubberized grip
  • Replaceable blade
  • 13 inch curved blade, sized for most pruning jobs

Product Benefits

    If you need an inexpensive tri-cut style saw that has the all quality that professionals look for, your search is over.
  • Hole at the end of handle and at the end of blade for convenient hanging
  • Blades of Japanese steel produces quality cutting edges
  • Tri-cut teeth cut quickly and cleanly
  • Chrome plated blade to add hardness and prevent rusting
  • 7 point blade has offset teeth that provides smooth cuts without binding
  • Curved blade helps you cut more with each stroke
  • Flange at end of handle to be used as a leverage point, so you can put more down-pressure in each stroke
  • Comfortable rubberized handle, and it is easy to grip without slipping
  • Blade replaces easily and quickly, with only two bolts
  • Long blade means more cut per stoke, speeding up your work


A.M. Leonard, Inc. warrants all its tools identified with the "A.M. Leonard Lifetime Warranty" to be free from material defects for the life of the tool.

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QUESTION: What does "tri-cut" blade mean? ANSWER: Each tooth has three cutting surfaces in it for a more aggressive cut.

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from SD

amazing saw


Just ordered this saw and put it to use this week. What a great purchase!! Worth the cost. Very handy to hold and use. Every home needs one.

from MI

A M Leonard tools


Another great tool by A M Leonard. I have purchased several different types of A M Leonard brand tools and everyone of them are as good if not better then the more pricey name brands.

from PA

Clean and Sharp


A friend had this and it was so nice to have a better saw than the folding ones that I bought myself one. I still travel with a folding saw, but for pruning in my own yard, this is my new cherished favorite.

from NJ

Tri-Edge Saw


Great saw! Always sharp,functions perfectly!

from MA

Tri-Edge Pruning Saw


After about two minutes needed to learn the best sawing action to use with this tool, I found it perfect for those intermediate jobs: branches too big for a clipper but too small for a chain saw. Extremely sharp, cuts through even hardest woods with ease. I've already thanked my friend who recommended this saw.

from KY

Lightweight, easy to use


This saw has been very effective. The person who uses it most is a petite woman with medium upper body strength, and she has no problem.

from NY

Fast cutting bargain


This is a great saw for the price. It's light and it's a workhorse, making short work of anything. The tri-edge teeth really are a superior design. I'm not a professional, and I especially like using it on a ladder, trimming limbs. I've broken a handle and a blade and ordered replacements instead of the whole saw.

from WI



This saw not only works well, but is priced right. The curve of the blade works quite nicely to hold the saw in the cut. The handle is formed with plenty of room to adjust grip and the 'hook' on the end allows you to pull the saw without holding with the entire hand. The blade is thick enough to stay straight, but not too thick. Length and weight are just right for something slightly larger than a folding saw. I bought a separate scabbard for the saw, but a set including both would be nice. I would recommend the saw to anyone.

from VA



As an agriculture extension agent, now retired, I often was asked to prune a fruit tree or other small shrub. The Tri-Edge Pruning Saw was an excellent tool to quickly remove small to medium sized limbs. Just watch out for fingers as it is very sharp and will cut flesh too. Experienced that this spring accidently.

from OH

Leonard Tri-Edge Pruning Saw


the price is great for the saw. It would be nice if an inexpencive sheath was available also.

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