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Leonard Spring Rake 16in Wide 18 Tines 54in Composite Handle

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Simply better than the competition!

Leonard Spring Rakes feature durable steel tines and spring brace. We form the left and right tines as a single, continuous tine. This inverted V-shaped tine increases the overall durability of the head. The head of this rake measures approximately 16 inches in width and has 18 tines.We equip this spring rake with our TuffFlex„ Molded poly composite handle. This handle provides excellent durability, if you don't mind a little added weight. This handle measures 1 inch in diameter and 54 inches in length. We extend this handle further into the connection socket and secure it using two bolts. Unlike standard connections, this one will never loosen.Use your Leonard Spring Rake for nearly any raking task. Rake leaves, grass, or other debris. Use it to move mulch, wood chips, or gravel. Clean out your beds, de-thatch your lawn, or pull pruning clippings out of your shrubbery. Reinforced tines, coupled with an additional spring, allow you to dig into a pile of wet leaves without any damage to the rake.Our 54-inch handle provides increased reach and additional comfort. The 1-inch diameter gives you a better grip than a standard 7/8-inch handle. We know that you will love using this rake as much as we do, so we back it with our lifetime warranty

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Overall length (inches): 69
  • Overall weight (pounds): 3-2/5
  • Approximate head width (inches): 16
  • Number of tines: 18
  • Handle material: Molded composite
  • Handle length (inches): 54
  • Handle diameter (inches): 1
Product Warranty Information

  • This product is covered under A.M. Leonard's exclusive Lifetime Warranty Program. Click Here for more Details.
Product Features
  • Durable steel tines
  • Inverted V-shaped end tines
  • Steel spring brace
  • Sturdy American ash handle
  • Extended connection with two bolts
Product Benefits
  • Reinforced, continuous tine design and additional spring greatly enhance durability
  • The 1-inch diameter handle decreases hand fatigue and increases the sturdiness of the tool
  • Extended head-to-handle connection with two bolts provides a secure connection that will not loosen
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the material of the tines?
The tines of the Leonard Spring Rake are made of durable steel, making them stronger and longer lasting than the competition.

What is the length and diameter of the handle?
The handle of the Leonard Spring Rake is made of molded composite material with a length of 54 inches and a diameter of 1 inch, providing increased reach and better grip than standard handles.

What is the width of the rake head and how many tines does it have?
The Leonard Spring Rake features a rake head with a width of approximately 16 inches and 18 tines, providing a versatile tool for raking leaves, grass, or other debris, moving mulch, wood chips, or gravel, and cleaning out beds or de-thatching lawns.

What makes the Leonard Spring Rake more durable than other rakes?
The Leonard Spring Rake has reinforced tines and an additional spring for digging into piles of wet leaves without causing damage to the rake. The rake's inverted V-shaped end tines and steel spring brace also enhance its durability, while the extended connection with two bolts provides a secure connection that will never loosen.

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