Leonard Round Point Closed Back Shovels

Leonard Round-Point Closed-Back Shovels

Make any digging job easier!

Leonard Closed-Back Round-Point Shovels feature durable tempered steel blades. A.M. Leonard welds an additional steel ribbon to the back for additional reinforcement. The 14-gauge steel head measures 9-1/4 inches wide and 12 inches long and has a black surface coating. An extended 11-inch socket with double rivets provides a secure head-to-handle connection. Choose your desired handle type below.Use a Leonard Closed-Back Round-Point Shovel to make any digging job easier. The closed-back design prevents soil buildup during use. Their black coating and flat surface make them extremely easy to clean.A.M. Leonard engineers these shovels for the toughest of jobs. The durable steel blades resist rust and corrosion. A notched handle end bends to conform to the curve of the handle. This bend supports the core through the neck of the shovel. Thru rivets maximize the strength of the head and handle connection. A.M. Leonard backs these tools with a lifetime warranty!

Item # Handle Handle lift Stock Status Price Qty
AMLA Ash Straight Handle 28-1/2 Inches Out of Stock
AMLA30 Ash D-Grip Handle 20-1/2 Inches In Stock $41.99
AMLF Tuff-Flex™ Composite Handle 28-1/2 Inches In Stock $52.99
A2350 Tuff-Strong™ Fiberglass Handle 28-1/2 Inches In Stock $47.69

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