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Don't Break Your Back with Those Heavy Loads, Just GardenGlide Them!

The GardenGlide is a unique alternative to traditional carts and barrows. Its round shape glides smoothly in any direction over grass, dirt, concrete, sand and more without marring surfaces. It cannot tip and has no wheels to deflate or dig into soft surfaces.

With a low design, it makes it easy to roll on heavy objects for transport while a raised back prevents materials from falling off. Transport bagged good (soil, mulch, concrete, sand, etc.), firewood, container plants, paving stones and more.

Rope connection at glide and handle are spliced, maintaining full rope strength. The GardenGlide is lightweight, economical, tough, weatherproof and stores readily. Made from durable HDPE material. Overall diameter is 28-1/2". 200 lb working capacity. Jack at The Gardening Products Review put our GardenGlide to work moving 200 lb boulders. He concluded that "the A.M. Leonard GardenGlide is a nifty and unique item with almost limitless transport uses... I was impressed with the loads the GardenGlide could handle, the ease at which it slid across a wide range of surfaces, and the abuse it withstood when pushing it to extremes." Read the full review from GPReview here.

Product Information


  • Material: 100% recycled HDPE
  • Overall weight (pounds): 3-1/10
  • Overall diameter (inches): 28-1/2
  • Inner diameter (inches): 24:
  • Height (inches): 4
  • Weight capacity (pounds): 200
  • Rope length (inches): 54

Product Features

  • Made using 100% HDPE
  • Holds up to 200 pounds
  • 54-inch nylon rope
  • Made in the USA!

Product Benefits

  • Ideal for homeowners, landscapers, gardeners, campers, masons, and contractors
  • Great for moving potted or B&B plants, bagged materials, rocks, pavers, firewood, and more
  • Raised back prevents objects from sliding off during transport
  • Smoothly slides over grass, concrete, brick, dirt, gravel, and more
  • Will not scratch or mar surfaces or dig into soft surfaces
  • Uses the strength of your legs instead of your back


We cover this product with a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

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from SC

Best garden tool and grandkid carrrier ever.


I have pulled more tools and yard trash with this than I can recount. Can use with large trash containers, trugs and smaller tools. Would like one that was a little deeper to haul fencing and longer tools. It is a back saver...my grandchildren have enjoyed rides on it too!

from MI

Garden Glide


Love it. The best back saver I have found in my 83 years. Hope to enjoy many more years of gardening since I have the Garden Glide. It really works.

from WA

Great product!


I have to admit, heavy lifting and strain can be avoided with the Garden Glide. I used to watch my husband take bag after bag of lawn mower clippings down a steep slope to our compost pile. It was heavy, awkward & I worried about him getting unbalanced on the steep slope. I ordered the Garden Glide & its arrival was an awakening. I put a big plastic tote on the Garden Glide & the lawnmower bag was emptied into the tote and I slid it down the hill. It was virtually effortless! We completed mowing in a fraction of the time. Need to weed? I used the Garden Glide and a large tote. I could put a lot of waste into the tote & was able to pull the Garden Glide anywhere I needed to go. We also have a garden cart (which is great), but it cannot go some places where the Garden Glide can and the cart loaded up is heavier. This is one of the best gardening ideas in a long while.

from MA

Brilliant simple idea


I don’t have the strength I used to in my early garden days so this is such a big help. I’m always moving things around in the garden and yard. One day I used it for moving my groceries from the car to the garage. Perfect for pulling yard waste to the compost heap. I’ve pulled bags of mulch with this and big potted plants. Very useful!

from KS

Great Product


I have nothing bad to say about this. I am a widow who weighs 115 pounds and I love hardscaping. This has been a godsend due to the fact I have been able to transport bags of rock as well as heavy soil around with ease. Now if it could just jump up and load it for me. However, on that note, it has a lip in front that allows me to drag heavy objects right on it. That way I don't have to lift it. I can't say enough good things about it.

from TX

This Thing Is GREAT!


Hubby saw no need for this, but I overruled him. Guess who's used it the most? HUBBY! We load the garden trash can on it and pull it where it's needed. The greatest thing is when the potted plants have to come in for winter. I can load heavy pots onto the Glide and slide them right into the greenhouse!!

from CA



It is one of those, "why didn't I think of that?" I love mine. I had to force myself to quit carrying so much weight like I always have, but paying for it now. This saucer will carry any amount of weight. Bags of soil, bricks, big potted plants... The weight doesn't slow it down either. It just glides along, even on gravel. So if you are tired of carrying heavy things or, like me, have to stop, this is exactly what you need and you will love it. I promise!

from CA

Lifestyle saver


For years I've enjoyed being the chef for our church's ministry to a large group of cognitively disabled adults. I'm 79 and recently nearly had to give it up, as I had to begin walking with two canes or a walker. I saw your ad and bought two "sleds," one for the house and one for the car. Now I can easily pull heavy loads of groceries, pots of soup, etc., with nothing toppling over or spilling. The rope and handle allow me to pull it even with canes in both hands, and it takes up hardly any space when not in use. Sometimes it even gets used for its intended purpose, the garden!

from TX

Love this item!


Bought this in hopes that it would save on my back and hubbies. I have numerous large pots that I need to move from time to time, especially preparing for winter and putting plants in the greenhouse. It has worked wonders. It can be a little difficult with the LARGE planters to get them over the lip, but I just tilt it a bit and it gets the job done. I have moved plants, mulch and even some stones with it and it is great. I will be ordering another one.

from MD

The best thing ever!


I bought one of these a couple years back and I use it constantly for moving bags of soil, mulch, gravel and everything else. It slides well on concrete, grass, and over mulched beds, even when it's stacked with two or three heavy bags. And when I order plants by mail or bring them home in my car, I unpack them on this and they are ready to get pulled to wherever I want. Since it's plastic, you can also easily keep the pots watered until you're ready to plant. Save your back and get one!

from CA

Awesome Idea


This thing is a genius idea that saves my back from lugging around things I shouldn't. Even the heaviest of things move so easy. I don't know what I'd do without it now.

from WA

Great idea but execution needs some revision.


I ordered this glide based on the prior reviews. I tried it out for the first time today and am disappointed. I found that the edge with the lip actually digs into the lawn when trying to move a heavy planter. The planter probably weighed 45 lbs (much less than capacity advertised). The planter slid to the lip edge and with the weight dug into the lawn making it very difficult to move. It could be improved if the bottom edges were solid and curved up like furniture movers so that it would actually glide over lawn rather than catching on that edge. I consider this $50 wasted.

from MA

Best garden helper.


I've used this for moving everything this summer... plants, transplanting a large tree, compost, mulch, giant rocks, bagged trash to the curb. My back thanks you. I've purchased another GardenGlide for Christmas Yankee Swap gift. Happy days to you all.

from OH

Helps around the horse farm


I use my Garden Glide to set up my trail course and jumps. I used to haul all the posts and cones out to the ring one at a time. Now I just load up my garden glide and make a couple of nearly effortless trips. I am sure the Garden Glide would be great for hauling bales of hay or straw, bags of feed, and other toting duties around a horse farm. Great product!!!

from TX

Hurricane Harvey Hero


When I ordered these I got one for myself and one for each sister. I am going to have to order more because we used my two sisters' gliders cleaning up from Harvey's flood damage. Every friend and family member who helped haul out soaked carpet, padding, and bags of fridge contents due to power loss raved about them so they will receive one as a thank you! Great product!!!

from WA

Works Great


This is a really helpful garden tool. It is much easier to slide a bag of mulch to its destination, instead of lifting it up into a wheelbarrow!

from OH

Saves from Lifting & Saves the Back


I can tip heavy objects and bags of mulch and large flower pots on to the glide and I tow it behind my golf cart to wherever I want to place it. Slides over grass & blacktop & sidewalk easily. It is very easy to pull by hand also. A good bargain! Thanks.

from MD

Garden-Glide Transport


I think this product will be very beneficial. We've used it just to transport potted seedlings from the greenhouse to the garden so far, but it will be useful in moving large potted plants from the solarium outdoors too. We'll probably find lots more uses for it as time goes on as we're already in our mid-70's.

from LA

Love it!


The glide is great for me, an older gardener with a fairly large property. It allows me to move more because it weighs less and I don't have to lift something high to get it on the glide. Really love it.

from TX

Great product


Love this. It is sturdy enough to move very heavy pots. We moved several full planters weighing over 50 pounds each with no problem. Often my grandchildren help in the garden and even my nine year old can pull things around on it. We load up empty pots, tools, etc. and she thinks it is fun to pull the "sled".

from MD

LOVE my GardenGlide!


Makes my chores so much easier! I can't handle a wheelbarrow but anyone can handle one of these.

from MO

Good concept, but...


Seems well built and sturdy and sounds like a great idea, but doesn't work for me. My yard/grounds are too rough and uneven and a lot of my pathways too narrow. Either get "stuck" in the pathway or dump things out.

from TX

Most Useful Product on the Market


I love this because I don't need to lift anything heavy, it's so great. It's extremely durable, thick plastic. As always, a high quality product from AM Leonard.

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