Leonard Flat-Free Hose Wagon with Leonard Rubber Hose


Two customer favorites in one affordable watering package!

These kits pair one of our Leonard Rubber Hoses for one great watering package! Choose your desired hose size above.

The Leonard 4-Wheeled Hose Wagon features a well-crafted 13-gauge steel frame and galvanized steel rims. Four solid flat-free tires handle the roughest terrain without ever losing pressure or going flat.This wagon holds a full 300 feet of 5/8-inch hose and connects via an 8-foot inlet hose. A wire basket keeps your nozzles and accessories within reach.

Leonard Rubber Hoses are the toughest hoses we carry. Their premium EDPM rubber construction stays flexible in even the most extreme conditions from -40 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. It resists abrasion, heat, and ozone, and the machined brass couplers resist crushing. Each hose offers a burst strength of 600 psi, the most of any hose we carry!

Our wagons eliminate the need to lug around a heavy hose whenever you need to water your plants. These kits combine two customer favorites into one affordable package. In addition, for home use, we cover both products with our lifetime warranty!


Product Specs

  • Wagon material: Powder-coated steel
  • Wagon length (inches): 32
  • Wagon width (inches): 24
  • Wagon height (inches): 36
  • Wagon weight (pounds): 40.5
  • Hose capacity (feet): 300
  • Tire type: Flat Free
  • Tire count: 4
  • Hose count: Varies
  • Hose material: Rubber
  • Hose diameter (inches): Varies
  • Hose length (feet): Varies
  • Hose weight (pounds): Varies
  • Minimum operating temperature (Degrees Fahrenheit): -40
  • Maximum operating temperature (Degrees Fahrenheit): 180
  • Burst strength (psi): 600

Product Features

  • Hose wagon and rubber hose kit
  • Leonard Rubber Hoses
  • Premium, high-performance EPDM construction
  • Crush-resistant machined brass fittings
  • Hexagonal cross section

Product Benefits

  • Powder-coated steel wagon frame resists rust and corrosion
  • Swivel crank makes it easy to unwind and rewind hose
  • Brass and galvanized plumbing resist corrosion and prolong service life
  • Accessory basket holds your hose attachments and other tools
  • Built-in nozzle hanging notch secures hose when not in use
  • Durable rubber hose stays flexible in extreme conditions
  • Abrasion, heat, and ozone resistant
  • Heavier hose yarn maximizes burst strength
  • Hexagonal shape resists kinking better than round or octagonal hoses


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