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Leonard Classic Soil Knife and Sheath Combo

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Member tested and recommended by the National Home Gardening Club!

Lifetime warranty. Our classic soil knife is made by one of the world's finest manufacturers of quality Swedish steel tools. This 3-in-1 landscaping tool digs, cuts and saws; plus it excels at rock removal, weeding, planting, dividing crowns, and cutting roots. The 6-inch stainless steel blade has a tapered slicing edge with mild serrations on one side. The one piece molded composite handle is designed with a wide guard. Blade is 1-3/4 inches wide and 11-3/4 inches long; save when you buy the sheath with the knife!

  • Matte finish stainless steel
  • Shorter, milder serrations for root cutting
  • Larger grip guard
  • Customer favorite for years
  • Lifetime warranty
The Gardening Products Review put our classic soil knife to the test, stating that "the A.M. Leonard Classic Soil Knife's design is similar to others on the market, and it shines, literally, in the details." Read the full review from GPReview here.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • 6" x 1 3/4" blade
  • Overall length is 11 3/4"
  • Weighs .8 lbs.
  • Blade is 1 3/4" wide
Product Features
  • One serrated edge
  • One sharpened edge
  • Bright orange handle
Product Benefits
Use this tool to:
  • Dig weeds out of your flowerbeds and lawn
  • Scrape weeds out of cracks in your drive, walk, patio, etc.
  • Plant bulbs, corms, rhizomes and tubers
  • Dig tender bulbs and corms for winter storage
  • Plant annual flowers, herbs, perennials, vegetables, ornamental grasses
  • Use the curved blade to scrape backfill soil back into holes
  • Loosen matted mulch to improve water and fertilizer penetration
  • Loosen crusted and compacted soils
  • Cut sod to size during installation
  • Prep root bound container plants for replanting by slicing through the ball to open girdling roots
  • Chop the greens off your root vegetables
  • Saw through roots, then grab them out
  • Divide perennials and ornamental grasses
  • Dig a shallow furrow to direct-seed a row of vegetable seeds
  • Use as a trowel, transplanter or a dibble
  • Closely cultivate to plants
  • Mix your own potting mixes
  • Mix soil when adding amendments
  • Dig out stones, rocks and other debris
  • Harvest shallow rooted vegetables like onions and baby carrots
  • Incorporate granular fertilizer into the top layer of soil
  • Incorporate granular pre-e(more...)
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