Leonard ArborRain™ Tree and Shrub Hydration System, 20 Gallon

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Gives your plants the perfect amount of water!

Use the Leonard ArborRain™ Hydration System to give your plants and trees complete water coverage. This high-capacity version holds 20 gallons of water. It utilizes two removable emitters to release this water slowly over a 5 to 8-hour period. The 1-5/8-inch diameter fill port features a threaded cap and fits a wide variety of hoses for quick filling. This model fits trees and shrubs up to 6 inches in diameter. The durable plastic material contains two additives to protect it from sunlight and cold weather.

The Leonard ArborRain™ Hydration System delivers water deep into the soil. It provides total coverage by hydrating both the root ball and the surrounding soil. This coverage is crucial for newly-planted shrubs and trees as it reduces transplant shock. You can also install multiple ArborRain™ systems around the drip line of established trees. The helps them thrive in hot and dry conditions.

The low profile design of the Leonard ArborRain™, along with its brown color, help it blend into your landscaping. Additives allow for long life outside in the sun and provide resistance to cold weather. We cover this product with a 5-year warranty!

Product Information


  • 1 5/8in diameter fill port with a threaded cap
  • 36in overall diameter
  • Two emitters
  • UV Stabilized
  • 18mil thickness
  • Product Features

  • High Capacity
  • Fill Port - 1 5/8" diameter fill port with a threaded cap accommodates a wide variety of hose sizes for quick filling.
  • Double Emitters - Distributes water evenly across the root area for complete coverage and are removable to clear blockages
  • Drip Time - Slow release rate insures water gets where it is needed- into the root zone
  • UV Stabilized - UV stabilized for long life outside under the sun
  • Cold weather - An additive to the plastic resists the cold weather just in case you collect your Arbor Rains late in the season.
  • Product Benefits

    • Fill port accommodates a wide variety of hose sizes
    • Double emitters distribute water evenly across the root area
    • Emitters are removable to clear blockages
    • Slow release rate ensures water gets into the root zone where it is needed most
    • Low profile and brown color blend in with surroundings
    • UV stabilized for long life outside in the sun
    • Resists the cold weather just in case you collect your ArborRain™ units late in the season


    Product is covered by A.M Leonard's 5 year guarantee against manufacturer defects.

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    Overall Rating: 4/5

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    from KS



    To water new trees

    from MI

    For an arborvitae not perfect. . .


    I used mine to water a newly planted arborvitae. I also had purchased another style of bag for other trees at the same time. This one is better than the others because I feel like I'm getting a better measurement of water. However it is somewhat awkward to fill for two reasons one that is a design flaw? and one because of my application. The flaw is that you have to hold your hose in place and then lift the fill spigot as the bag fills with water so that the water doesn't come out of the top before it's actually full. The other problem is that this will work much easier on trees and shrubs with higher branch systems. You will also want to rotate the bag periodically so you don't develop a washout channel.

    from TX

    Certainly helped


    During this drought I was looking for something to help on the days that I could not give my young trees a good soaking. Easy to use, except for the cutout that is supposed to fit back over the cap? Quality is ok, but the velcro connect strap has already come off on one. Be interested to see how they hold up.

    from NE

    ArborRain Hydrator


    For newly planted trees, I liked the slow dripping to water the tree. After a hot summer, my newly planted trees look good.

    from MT

    A product for flatlanders


    This product would be great if your tree is perfectly level. If the Arbor Rain is placed on a hill, it rolls down the hill in addition to being difficult to fill since you have to hold the opening up in the air while filling.

    from AZ



    So glad I bought ten - shoulo have bought more. They are easy to fill and move if needed. I have three fixed, the others serve more than one tree. Wish they sold a gadget to hook up the AR20 to a quick-connect garden hose. But even with tired knees filling these things, I'll still use them because I can count on a specific amount of water going to each plant with minimal evaporative loss.

    from AR

    It does what I need it to


    Hot summers with no rain really stress plant life here. Bought the AR20 specifically to care for a Japanese maple that suffers every year during hot weather. The AR20 allowed water to get directly into the root ball without excessive evaporation, and with 3 fill ups a week our maple looks better than it ever has.

    from IN



    worked very well for the purpose intended


    drains too fast, hot water in full sun


    The idea of a slow drip is good, but this 20 gallons is empty within 5 hours, so I felt it was not really very slow. I found it easier to put a hose on with a trickle where there was access. Also in full sun & 100 degree temps, both the plastic & water can get quite hot...not so sure that's great for newly planted roots. It wasn't the best solution for me.

    from TX

    Great product


    This watering tube worked great for me in the ongoing Texas drought. It does a great job of soaking down the root zone slowly. I have had no problems at all with the AR20 product. I was concerned that wildlife such as raccoons, etc. might be a problem in this extreme drought, but they did not bother the tubes at all.

    from CO

    Winter Watering!


    This product is a must have for establishing trees in dry climes. After the irrigation is shut down we had to have a way (other than with a hose) to provide water to trees and shrubs. We use each variety of the "water bags" at my company, and love them. We sell one with every tree/shrub we install. My only complaint is, like the others, there needs to be a hose bib with a one way valve on the cap!

    from NM

    Drought Buster


    We needed a solution to help keep ahead of the drought that we are experiencing. This product provides a deep, slow watering that keeps the roots down deep in the ground. Our apple and spruce trees are flourishing whereas surrounding trees that are not irrigated with this product are not.

    from MD

    Works as advertised


    I bought these to you around our newly planted plum trees. After using them for a while I realized that a soaker hose is just as effective if you have enough hose to reach your connection. These may be better suited to remote plantings when you have access to a trailered water tank since you have to fill them in place. I agree with the other posters that a quick-connect cap or other hands-free filling method would be nice. They work as advertised, but you may not need them.

    from MI

    AR 20


    I think the AR 20 is the perfect size. I was able to water my trees on a schedule and only once a week all summer fit around the trees nicely and it was a lot easier than dragging a hose or a sprinkler sround the yard! The only downfall I saw was that if the ground around the base of the tree was not completely level the bag would not drain fully.

    from OR

    ArborRain doesn't live up


    In general this is a good concept, and one I like better than the upright green hydrators. However, I was disappointed that the material isn't more durable. Since it is placed on the ground, the ArborRain is vulnerable to puncture by roots, sticks and rocks. Which is exactly what happened the first time I moved mine. If the material were stronger and more durable, this would be a great product.

    from MS

    Good Product


    It works well but there are several small problems. It does not completely empty making it hard to move and there needs to be a ridge or handle to keep it open when filling. I have not yet filled it without getting wet.

    from OH

    Looks great, works great on flat ground


    The flat design is a great leap forward. Its low profile makes it barely noticeable, even when full. If ground is not completely flat around the tree, I recommend the upright version.

    from CA

    Almost perfect solution to my needs


    I walk with 2 canes and cannot touch my toes, let alone anything at ground level. I learned that my pomegranite trees might bear better if they had more water whenever they have bloomed. My idea was to hook up a couple of Arbor Rain "donuts" around the drip line. (I added a bit of citrus tree food for good measure.) My plan included attaching 10 foot length of hose to each then to a splitter with a quick connect to the hose. I devised a way to adapt the cover for the fill hole to thread in the hose end and proceeded. At the end of the season I should know if that does indeed fix my problem with having my pomegranite blossoms drop and fail to produce fruit.

    from AZ

    Arbor Rain System


    This is a great all around product for watering trees where irrigation systems are not present. I have my guys use these on newly planted trees. I think the only drawback on them is filling them with water. If there was a product that you could connect to your hose and then connect to the Arbor Rain bladder, I think it could expedite the process. Then it could be hands free.

    from CA

    Watering a Redwood Tree


    In our California native plant garden, we have a Redwood tree that in the past got little soaking water. With the ArborRain, it now gets adequate water at a slow rate.

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