Leonard ArborRain Tower Tree and Plant Hydrator

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An easy way to water your newly-planted trees!

Leonard ArborRain Towers make it easy to ensure your young trees have the perfect amount of water they need to thrive. A.M. Leonard makes these bags using a durable, green plastic material. Each tower holds approximately 20 gallons of water. A large opening makes them very easy to fill. One bag fits a tree up to 4 inches in diameter. Thanks to the built-in zipper, you can connect multiple towers for larger diameter trees. ArborRain Towers also feature sturdy, triple-stitched handles.

ArborRain Towers deliver water directly to the roots of your plants. Each bag provides 5 to 8 hours of drip time. They are ideal for trees on flat or sloped surfaces or those grown in nurseries. They also work well on trees grown in containers. The green color blends into your landscaping, so they do their job without being an eyesore.

A few features make Leonard ArborRain Towers better than the competition. The black inner lining prevents the growth of mold within the bag, keeping the drainage holes clear and the water flowing. The locking zippers allow the bags to stand up to the increased weight of the water. This strength is especially important when connecting multiple bags. The ArborRain Tower also features a seal(more...)

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Volume (gallons): 20
  • Height (inches): 21
  • Width (inches): 18
  • Maximum tree diameter (inches): 4 (per bag)
  • Drip time (hours): 5 to 8
Product Features
  • Durable, reinforced polyethylene material
  • Tall/slim design with large fill opening
  • Black plastic interior liner
  • Locking zipper
  • Sealed bottom edges
  • Triple-stitched lift straps
  • Strategically-located drain holes
Product Benefits
  • Effortless hydration to young or newly-planted trees
  • Green polyethylene blends in with the landscape
  • Black interior blocks sunlight and prevents mold growth
  • Secure locking zipper allows you to connect multiple bags for large-diameter trees
  • Sealed bottom edges deliver the perfect amount of water directly to the roots of your plants
  • Prevents runoff caused by excessive watering
PFR Warranty
We cover this product with a 5-year warranty.
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