Leonard ArborRain Quick-Fill Wand

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With the Quick-Fill Wand, you no longer have to babysit your ArborRain as it fills.

A.M. Leonard introduces the Quick-Fill Wand: A time saving device that's also easier on you! Position the ArborRain hydrator around your tree or shrub, push and twist the Quick-Fill plug onto the hydrator fill port, open the flow of water, and you are ready to multi-task while the ArborRain hydrator is filling. The soft rubber plug includes a vent hole, letting you know when the device is almost full and can prepare to remove and thread on the fill cap. Poly wand and swivel, silicon rubber plug construction. Overall length 6-1/4 in .

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  • Makes it easier to fill the ArborRain; does not require you stand there and hold the garden hose while it fills
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