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Leather Sheath for 4042T Leonard Cut-All Knife

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Keep your knife within reach!

This leather sheath fits 4042T - Leonard Wavy Edge Stainless Steel Cut-All Knife or other similar tanto knives with blade lengths of 13 inches or less.

We designed this sheath to be extra durable with a riveted and sticked construction. You can attach it to your belt via a riveted belt clip.

Overall length: 19-3/4 inches Ship weight: 6 ounces

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Product Name: Leather Sheath for 4042T Knife
  • Compatibility: Fits 4042T Leonard Wavy Edge Stainless Steel Cut All Knife or other similar tanto knives with blade lengths of 13 inches or less
  • Construction: Riveted and sticked leather
  • Attachment: Riveted belt clip
  • Overall Length: 19 3/4 inches
  • Ship Weight: 6 ounces
Product Warranty Information

  • This product is covered under A.M. Leonard's exclusive 30-Day Down to Earth Guarantee. Click Here for more Details.
Product Features
Product Shipping Weight
  • 0.4 pounds
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