LeafWHIP Blower Attachment

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Proudly made in the USA, the LeafWHIP is better than a blower alone, rake, or a vacuum!

The patent-pending LeafWHIP is designed easily to remove and separate leaves and light debris from your mulched areas. The LeafWHIP attaches to your leaf blower for better control, eliminating mulch disturbance and mulch blowout. Constructed of a flexible tear-resistant material, its 15 air-powered oscillating mini-whips work like fingers that assist in separating these unwanted materials from wood, rubber, shell, and other mulches. It installs in seconds without tools and conveniently swings-up and stores on the blower nozzle. Besides separating leaves from mulch, when used on high-powered blowers it aids in dislodging wet leaves stuck in grass or on hard surfaces as well. Recommended for any gas, electric or battery-powered blower having a variable speed control, it can also be used on most blowers having at least two-speeds.

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Product Features
  • Lightweight
  • Simple Effective Design
  • Remove the leaves, not the mulch
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