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Lawn Bagg, 5 Cu. Ft., 37 Gallon, 22in L x 22in W x 22in H

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The Lawn Bagg™ is a free standing bag used for the collection, storage and hauling of yard wastes, such as grass, leaves, branches, weeds, etc. These flexible, lightweight woven polypropylene bags are puncture resistant and will not tear. A double-layered bottom for extra durability. Just fold away for easy storage when not in use. Available in 5 convenient sizes. Lawn Bags are perfect for all your lawn maintenance activities especially grass clipping collection and leaf disposal. 22in L x 22in W x 22in H

Product Information

Product Specs
  • 5 cu. ft.; 37 gal. Dimensions are 22 inches high by 22 inches wide, cylinder shape.
Product Features
  • Comes with a plastic strip that runs along the top of the perimeter of the bag, keeping the bag open even when empty. A third handle at the base helps to empty the contents of your bagg.
Product Benefits
  • Perfect for those large sized garden jobs.
PFR Warranty
  • Manufacturer supplies a one year warranty on defects from material and workmanship.
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