Landscape Fabric Woven 5oz 12ft x 250ft



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Landscape fabric keeps your landscaping looking sharper longer. Effectively controls weeds and seed germination reducing the need for chemicals and weedings, saving you time and money. Tightly woven polypropylene 5oz. fabric needle punched and UV stabilized. 98.7 opaque to light. Permeable to air, water and other valuable nutrients. Will not rot, mildew, or become brittle. Easy to install.MOTOR FRT DELIVERY

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Woven polypropylene, 5 oz., needle punched, 20mil, UV stabilized, 98.7 opaque to light, permeable, will not rot, mildew, or become brittle, 12ft. x 250ft., weight 123lbs. Water flows through fabric at 12 gpm per sq. ft. Tensile strength (lbs) 125x90, punctures at 50 psi. Yellow stripe every 12".


5 year limited manufacturer guarantee


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QUESTION: How is the Landscape Fabric layed down when installed? ANSWER: Landscape Fabric is installed with the "fuzzy" side down, then you can secure it with anchor pins such as our 616AP. If laying two or more pieces side by side be sure to overlap them then anchor them tight so no weeds get through. Cover with dirt, mulch, rocks etc.