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Groundskeeper II Shrub Rake, 9in Span

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Finally, a professional grade shrub rake!

Modern technology and materials are used to produce the Groundskeeper II rakes. The unbreakable co-polymer rake head, fiberglass handle, and spring tines make for an light weight and durable design. Work longer and accomplish more with less effort. The spring loaded tines of this rake dig in with no down pressure. These tines are what make this rake so effective and provide its unique, effortless feel. Commonly used for a variety of materials and tasks: raking sticks and leaves, spreading mulch and pine straw, great for de-thatching and soil prep, and tough enough to rake rocks and spread gravel! With a 9" wide rake head this rake can also be used for any shrub rake task. Narrow rake easily maneuvers through a crowded landscape or garden. Equipped with a 55" fiberglass handle featuring a swivel hang hook for easy storage. This 9" rake has 12 tines (uses 6 spring tines). The spring tines are replaceable. Ship wt. 1.3lb. Made in the USA!

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Choice of 9" or 21" wide head
  • 55" fiberglass handle
  • Poly head
  • 6" long tines
Product Features
  • The wire tines are hard enough to keep their shape, but the loop "spring" at the top of them offers flexibility.
  • The angled tines also dig in easily without any down pressure, enabling you to get more done faster, without the stress on your back.
  • Can turn it over and self-clean with one quick pass.
  • The lightweight fiberglass handle makes long reaches a breeze, and offers years of reliable service.
  • Unbreakable co-polymer rake head
  • 55" fiberglass handle with swivel hanger end grip
  • Spring loaded tines dig in with no down pressure on the rake
  • Replaceable spring tines
  • Allows work to be done in a comfortable standing position
  • To clear tines of debris simply make a pass over the ground with rake turned over
  • Work longer and accomplish more with less effort
  • The 9" wide shrub rake head has 12 tines
  • Ship wt. 1.3lb
  • Made in the USA!
Product Benefits
  • Spread mulch and fine rock
  • De-thatch small grassy areas
  • Clean up litter
  • Rake leaves
  • Prepare finish grade
  • Cover grass seed
  • Groom sand traps
  • QUESTION: How do I fasten the handle to the head?
    ANSWER: A rivet is included with the assembly, put the head on the handle, line up the holes, insert the rivet and hit firmly with a hammer.
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