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Ground Protection Mats (3 Pack)

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Preserve Ground & Simplify Installation with Durable Protection Mats

Protect your turf with the Ground Protection Mats (3 Pack). Say goodbye to rutting and soil compaction caused by vehicles. These durable mats are weather-resistant, offering a solution for both foot and vehicle traffic. Made from a high-quality polymer, they outlast traditional alternatives. Easily secure them end-to-end for a customized platform. Maintain the natural look of your terrain with these versatile and user-friendly mats. Box contains three (3) 2’ x 4’ sections (approx. 24 square feet of coverage)

Product Information

Product Specs

Ground Protection Mats Specifications:

  • Box contains three (3) 2’ x 4’ sections (approx. 24 square feet of coverage)
  • Material: Durable, weather-resistant polymer
  • Quantity: 3 pack
  • Use: Lightweight vehicular and foot traffic
  • Protection: Guards against deep rutting, soil compaction, turf damage
  • Compatibility: Suitable for ATVs/OHVs, boats, trailers, wheelchairs
  • Connection: Tabs for seamless connections using zip ties
Product Features
  • Ground Protection Mats (3 Pack)
  • Highly Effective Ground Protection:
    Say goodbye to deep rutting, soil compaction, and turf damage caused by small vehicles like ATVs/OHVs, boats, trailers, and even wheelchairs. Our landscape protection mats guard your turf against damage, giving it a longer life and maintaining its natural look.
  • Versatile and User-Friendly:
    Our protection mats aren’t just about function; they’re also about convenience. You can secure them end to end or side by side effortlessly using zip ties. Overlap the tabs to create a seamless connection, zip tie the mats together, and voila! You’ve got a customized platform that fits your needs perfectly.
  • Ultimate Solution for Terrain Protection:
    Ground Protection Mats are the ultimate solution for terrain protection and versatile flooring needs. Designed to facilitate both lightweight vehicular and foot traffic, these mats are the perfect choice for bridging grassy or sandy terrains, ensuring the ground stays intact.
  • Durable and Weather Resistant:
    Crafted from a durable, weather-resistant polymer, these mats withstand the test of time and elements, surpassing traditional plywood alternatives that are prone to rot and degradation.
Product Shipping Weight
  • 8 pounds
Frequently Asked Questions
1. How can Ground Protection Mats benefit my landscaping project?
Ground Protection Mats are highly effective at preventing deep rutting, soil compaction, and turf damage caused by small vehicles, ensuring your turf stays intact and looking natural for longer.

2. What makes Ground Protection Mats stand out compared to traditional alternatives?
Ground Protection Mats are crafted from a durable, weather-resistant polymer that outlasts traditional plywood options prone to rot and degradation, offering long-lasting protection for your terrain.

3. How versatile are Ground Protection Mats in terms of installation and use?
Ground Protection Mats are user-friendly and versatile, allowing for easy end-to-end or side-by-side connections using zip ties. Tabs can be overlapped for seamless connections, providing a customized platform for your specific needs.

4. What type of traffic can Ground Protection Mats accommodate?
Ground Protection Mats are designed to handle both lightweight vehicular and foot traffic, making them suitable for various applications such as bridging grassy or sandy terrains while keeping the ground intact and protected.

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