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Gorilla TubTrug Large 10 Gallon

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Their versatility is only limited by your imagination!

Carry soil, water, sand, rock, tools, mulch, and much more with ease. Cleanup is easy when the job is done and they stack neatly to save space. Gorilla Trugs share the same flexibilty and strength characteristics of the Original TubTrugs at a lower price point because they are made from 100% recycled material. These tough trugs can be used for unlimited chores around the house, yard, garage, barn or workshop. Unlike the Original TubTrugs, the Gorilla TubTrugs are not recommended for food storage and are available only in black.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • 10 gallon capacity
  • 18in W x 13in H
Product Features
  • Super-strong handles
  • Beveled lip to make sweeping into it easier
  • Flexible sides for shaping agains a wall or floor
  • Reinforced ribbing for extra strength
  • Liter capacity embossed on the inside wall
  • Use for: Mixing cement, carrying rubble, catching leaks, cleaning bricks, soaking cinder blocks, sweeping up, pouring water, carrying tools, storing parts, containing cables, holding garden hoses, mixing plaster or cleaning tools.
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