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Gadget Klip Large 12/PKG

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Secure and Support Plants Effortlessly: Gadget Klip Multipurpose Plant Clip

Introducing Gadget Klip, the versatile solution for all your gardening needs. With its unique design, it effortlessly attaches plant stems to stakes or cages, ensuring optimum support. Whether you're securing row covers to garden hoops or supporting vining plants, Gadget Klip makes the task easier than ever before. Made in the USA, this innovative tool provides ample room for growth, helping your plants thrive. Its endless indoor and outdoor uses make it a must-have for every gardener. Available in three sizes, Gadget Klip is your go-to gadget for hassle-free gardening.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Available in 3 sizes:

    Small - Green - Length: 1.50, Width: .75, Height: 1.63

    Medium - Green - Length: 1.75, Width: 1.00, Height: 2.00

    Large - Green - Length: 1.75, Width: 1.25, Height: 2.00

Product Features
  • Attach Plant Stems to Stakes or Cages
  • Secure Row Covers to Garden Hoops
  • Klip and Support Vining Plants
  • Unique Design Provides Room for Growth
  • Endless indoor or outdoor uses
  • Easier than straps or ties
  • Made in USA
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Frequently Asked Questions
1. How can I use Gadget Klip in my garden?

Gadget Klip can be used to attach plant stems to stakes or cages, secure row covers to garden hoops, and support vining plants.

2. What makes Gadget Klip unique?

Gadget Klip's unique design provides room for growth, allowing plants to expand without being restricted.

3. Can Gadget Klip be used both indoors and outdoors?

Yes, Gadget Klip can be used for endless indoor or outdoor gardening and landscaping purposes.

4. Are there different sizes of Gadget Klip available?

Yes, Gadget Klip is available in three sizes: Small (1.50" length, 0.75" width, 1.63" height), Medium (1.75" length, 1.00" width, 2.00" height), and Large (1.75" length, 1.25" width, 2.00" height).

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