GardenGlide with 20 Gallon Red TubTrug

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Great Alone, Even Better Together!

Don't break your back with those heavy loads, just GardenGlide them! The GardenGlide is a unique alternative to traditional carts and barrows. Its round shape glides smoothly in any direction over grass, dirt, concrete, sand and more without marring surfaces. It cannot tip and has no wheels to deflate or dig into soft surfaces.

With a low design, it makes it easy to roll on heavy objects for transport while a raised back prevents materials from falling off. Transport bagged good (soil, mulch, concrete, sand, etc.), firewood, container plants, paving stones and more.

Rope connection at glide and handle are spliced, maintaining full rope strength. The GardenGlide is lightweight, economical, tough, weatherproof and stores readily. Made from durable HDPE material. Overall diameter is 28-1/2". 200 lb working capacity.

The 20 gallon TubTrug is constructed of durable polyethylene that is tough enough to carry a load of bricks, yet pliable enough to pour liquids. It can handle up to 220 lb without compromise to the handles. Both handles can easily be pulled together to be carried with one hand. The perfect companion to your GardenGlide!
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