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Fluid Film Lubricant Cleaner and Rust Inhibitor Spray

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So versatile to keep all your tools ready to go!

Keep all of your tools and equipment in tip-top shape with this rust and corrosion preventative, penetrant, and lubricant. Lanolin based, to work where others can't. Embeds in the pores of the metal to remain active, lubricating and stopping the corrosive effects of salts, fertilizers, pesticides, and high humidity. Will not harm paint, plastic, or rubber, or cause burn to greenery. Solvent-free, non-conductive, non-drying, and does not freeze. 12 oz spray can.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • 12 oz spray can
  • Contains woolwax (lanolin)
Product Features
  • Non toxic
  • Solvent free
  • Non Hazardous
  • Safer for the environment
Additional Product Information
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