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Fiskars Kangaroo Pop-Up Bag 30-Gallon with HardShell Base

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A quick pop and you're ready to clean up!

The Fiskars large 30 gallon Kangaroo Bag has a unique pop-up design that not only makes it easy to set up but also holds itself open while you use your hands to gather and load leaves, trimmings, or weeds. Hard-shell bottom won't tear when loaded and dragged, and it is perforated to prevent water from pooling.

Padded handles make carrying loads more comfortable while dump handle allows for easy disposal. And when you're done simply collapse and hang. At just 3in tall and 22in diameter, it won't take up valuable floor space. Made from a durable polyvinyl material, this product is resistant to mildew and the effects of UV. It will serve you for years to come!

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Heavy vinyl construction, corrosion-resistant internal spring holds it open on it's own, folds it down easily. Hardshell bottom for easy dragging. 22" wide by 28". Only 3" thick by 22" when folded down. Padded carry handles plus a handle at the base for easy dumping. Holes in plastic base allow water to drain. Tan with green trim.
PFR Warranty
  • Manufacturer offers a two-year warranty against defects when used under normal conditions.
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