Extended-Reach Weeder, 4.625in Blade, 10in Handle



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Cut through weeds and cultivate soil all with one efficient tool.

Used with the blade flat to ground it slices off weeds right at the soil level. Turn on its side with point down to loosen soil along edges of beds or to clean out cracks. Heavy duty extended reach weeder/cultivator crafted from forged steel. 4-5/8in x 1-5/8in blade. 17in long overall. 10in handle. Weight 0.5 lb.

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4 5/8" x 1 5/8" blade. 17" long overall. 10" handle. Weight: .5 lb.


Product is covered by A.M. Leonard 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

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Prop 65

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from GA

Love this product!


This weeder is the best! It slices through tough weeds and gets the roots as well. I can weed between my beloved flowers to keep pesky weeds to a minimum.

from NY

Best Weeder I have used


Title says it all

from OH



I work for a large commercial landscaping company, and when it come to weeding, this tool is the ONLY tool I'll use. Its fast, precise and made well. Use the tool in one hand to cut through weeded, and grab with the other. My boss was totally amazed at the time saver. Try it for a few days, get the hang of it, and I am sure you'll buy a few for friends or crew members.

from MI

Best all around hand tool!


I have used this tool for years and have found it to be the tool I can't live without. I use it for weeding, and it really cuts through the soil to get the roots out. I also use it for planting annuals, as it can dig a small hole quickly. I even use it to clean up and refresh a bed edging, works great for that, too. The only down side of this make of the tool is that the metal part of the handle is not as strong as it should be, and I have bent it fairly easily.

from WA

Best hand tool ever!!!


With this tool, you can reach all the weeds in a large area at one time. If you turn it slightly on its side you can "pop" out a root system with a flick of your wrist. It has become my go-to tool

from MI

A real work saver


I bought one of these extended reach hoes about 3 years ago, I loved it, made quick work on my weeds in the garden. The blade has a very keen edge and stays sharp. I lost it somehow, and had to get a new one asap. It is GREAT.

from KS

The one tool to have


As an avid gardener I'm always on the outlook for effective and efficient tools. This is the one tool that I reach for again and again. It slices through chickweed and henbit roots like magic. I highly recommend this tool, and always have a spare handy.

from WA

First Day Blues


I purchased this weeder because my friend had one and raved about it. My first day I hit a stone under the dirt while loosening soil and the tip bent under. Pulling a dandelion root bent the metal neck and I was less than impressed when the bronze colored paint began to chip off the metal. The metal needs to be harder or this weeder needs to be used only on soft potting soil. Didn't hold up in the real world.

from MA

Handy weeder


This is a must have tool, I am never without it. Easy on your hand and arm, quick to get the weeds out. Just a must have in your tool bucket.

from IA



sharp, light weight and easy on the wrist.

from OH

Money well spent


This was the best tool I invested in this season! The unique head shape and blade angle cut through tough Johnson grass with ease even in drought-baked beds. I wish I would have discovered this handy tool sooner!

from VA

Everyone wants my tool!


I've used another "lighter" version of this tool before and have had the blade break numerous times. I praise the day I discovered this "heavy weight" version AMLeonard carries. At the farm where I work, every volunteer who tries it, asks me to order them one too! A must have for every farmer or gardener who gets down on their knees to weed...and expects the best from their tools. Thanks, AML (especially Brooks!)

from MI

handy weeder


I have had a weeder similar to this from another company for 30 years. I wanted to gift a friend with one, went online & saw they were $55.00 plus! I checked the reviews for this handy weeder, ordered one, loved it, ordered 2 more for gifts, they love them. I do not know how people garden with anything else. I have not used a trowel or garden fork in years & this one is actually more comfortable than my "Cadillac" one from years ago. Gift yourself with one of these.

from PA

Extended Reach Weeder


This weeder has been a real asset to me. I am a paraplegic who loves gardening but hates weeding because I have to bend over so much to get to the weeds. This tool alleviates this problem completely. It is great for weeding because it actually gets most of the roots. Dandelions and thistle are the exceptions. A product worth adding to your gardening equipment.

from WA

Extended-Reach Weeder


This has quickly become my favorite weeding tool. It easily slips beneath the weed; it's wide enough to drag the weeds toward you, and then you can turn the tool sideways to loosen up the dirt around the plant. This tool has definitely made weeding much easier

from PA

Handy Weeder 610HW


I love your weeder, I use it constantly. I always use it to weed in the rose garden sponsored by my garden club. Other members have seen it and been so impressed by its sturdy design and its effectiveness, that I have ordered from you and sold to them at least 16. I highly recommend it.

from MI

Great tool to have


Just recieved my extended reach weeder, it is great. Has a nice edge on it to cut off the weeds. the side has a nice point to till up the soil around the plants you are weeding. It's lite weight but durable, easy to keep a keen edge on it. [You are] so quick on shipping I had it the next day, with standard shipping.

from CA



A "Real" gardener is Always looking for the next best tool to get the job done. I found this one Years ago and continue to order them yearly, always have a few on hand. I happened to have a Korean couple move onto our ranch to help me do the job on the ranch, and gave them one of these as a home-coming present, sort of a joke so they get the idea they are going to work. They read the writing on the handle and told me it said it was for Right Handed people...I'm left handed and now I have just spotted a new product, a left handed version of the same. So Guess what, it will be my next purchase... This is the only gardening company/web where I have found this weeder; I hope you never discontinue the product. Out of fear, this is why I always have a few on hand, just in case!

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