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Element SoakerPRO

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An efficient, economical and eco-friendly way to water your plants! The Element SoakerPRO soaker hose gets water directly to plant roots, with pores that slowly releases water and reduces evaporation for more efficient watering. Using 70 percent less water than a conventional sprinkler, the SoakerPRO delivers 0.5-1 gallon per foot per hour on ground level. This soaker hose is very lightweight, making it easy to wrap around plants and set under soil or the mulch. No need to carry or drag a cumbersome garden hose to water your garden and protect delicate flowers, foliage and vegetables from intense water pressure that can come from a traditional water hose.

Made from 65 percent recycled rubber and backed by a 7 year warranty. No harmful chemicals or odors will be added to the water supply from this soaker hose. The patented blue water restrictor in the female coupling controls water pressure and flow, leading to reduced water consumption.

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