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Earthway Hand Crank Spreader with 20lb Nylon Bag Hopper

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Ultra-light spreader is easy to carry and operate.

This convenient over-the-shoulder hand crank spreader has a unique oscillation shut off plate that prevents clumping and aids in flow control. Nylon bag with zippered top resists corrosion from fertilizers. Features convenient spring action flow setting and an enclosed gear box. High RPM ensures smooth wide broadcast spreading. 20 lb capacity.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Weighs 4 pounds empty
  • Bag dimensions when unzipped are 14in long, 8.5in across, and 13in deep
Product Features
  • Comes pre-assembled; only the crank handle needs attached.
Product Warranty Information
  • Manufacturer warrants it to be free of defects for 90 days.
Additional Product Information
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