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Dustin Mizer Applicator with Diatomaceous Earth

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Dust Plants Quickly and Evenly!

Turn the hand crank and the Dustin Mizer Applicator disperses a steady and even flow of dust from its 16in tube. Leaves are blown by the air coming out of the wind tunnel and become covered with dust on both sides.

Use to apply insecticidal or organic dusts such as Diatomaceous Earth to gardens, lawns, beds, orchards and more. Non-corrosive and chemically inert plastic and steel construction will last for many years. Holds 1 lb of powder. Made in the USA.

Diatomaceous Earth is ready to use directly from the container. Once applied to the problem area you'll see insect activity stop in minutes, infestation issues in a couple of days. Dual action kills insects by ingestion and dehydration.

This is a product you can feel comfortable using in and around your home, with no worries of toxic residuals. Maintains effectiveness as long as it's dry. 5 lb Jug.
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