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Keep your tools close at hand as you roam your garden and yard!

A great way to hold small tools and other items while gardening and working on projects around the house. Constructed from 18 oz Duckwear canvas, there are 13 pockets and the seams are bar tacked for added durability. The belt fits waists up to 52-inch and has a quick release buckle. There are two web loops to hold tools. Dimensions: 23-inch W, 9.5-inch H.

Product Information


  • Overall dimensions on apron are 23in x 9 & 1/4in
  • Belt length including what is sewn onto the apron is 51in
  • Pouches have the following demensions: - Three large front pouches, each approx 5 & 1/2in x 5 & 1/2in - Two medium front pouches, each approx 2 & 3/4in x 5in - Two large pouches behind the front pouches, each approx 5 & 1/2in x 7in - Two medium pouches behind the front pouches, each approx 2 & 3/4in x 6 & 1/4in - Four skinny pouches, each 1 & 1/4in x 7in

Product Features

  • Besides several pouches, it has two loops for hanging larger tools

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from MD

Unfortunately pockets are too shallow


I have bought several gardening tool belts that have not worked out, and hoped this one would be do the trick. It is very tough and well made, but alas, like the others, the pockets are too shallow to hold anything but my phone, a pen, and wadded up gloves. The specs said it is 9.5 " high, but the pockets are only 5" deep, so any tools (clippers, trowel, weeder, or hori-hori knife) will just fall out as you move around. Does anyone test these products? It would be so simple to just have made the pockets 3" deeper. I guess I'll have to make one myself! Frustrated! $18 plus shipping down the drain.

from KY

#BBTB tool belt


I found it very helpful; it contains pockets of different sizes to hold the various gardening tools needed and keeps them available during the gardening process. Additionally, I have found that having the pockets keep me from laying the tools down somewhere and then not having them again when I need them. The belt fits comfortably around my waist and is easily expanded or contracted depending on the weight of the tools I need.