Duckbill Professional Tree Support Kit for up to 3in Diameter Trees, 12ft Length



Item # 40AK
Ship Weight 0.80 lbs
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Drive duckbill anchors into the ground and their unique shape anchors up to 300 lb.

Recommended for tree staking. Uses 7x7 strand galvanized anchor cable. Complete tree kit includes 3 anchors with cables, plus 3 guying hoses and cable clamps. The 40 series, for use up to a 3-inch diameter, uses a DR2 drive rod.

Product Information


40AK for trees up to 3in. diameter, cable length 12ft., 300lbs. rating, comes with 3 anchors, guying cable, 3 guying hoses, and cable clamps, vinyl coated cable. *Unlike the other kits this one does not include a turnbuckle.*

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