Dramm Professional Grade Plastic Watering Cans

Easy to carry and a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

Heavy-duty, durable plastic, well-balanced for comfortable use. Wrap around oval handle. Dark green, in four sizes.

Item # Ship wt Description Stock Status Price Qty
WC7D 3 lb 7 liter can (1.85 gal) with removable medium spray plastic rose for soft flow. In Stock $34.49
WC5D 2 lb 5 liter can (1.32 gal) with long spout for extended reach. All plastic rose. In Stock $24.39
WC2D 1 lb 2 liter can (2.11 qt) with unique spout design perfect for indoor use. Includes a rose for sprinkling. In Stock $17.29
WC10 3 lb 10 liter can (2.64 gal) with detachable angle spout for hard-to-reach places. Rose sold separately. In Stock $51.99

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