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Dimex No Dig 40 Foot Landscaping Edging Kit

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No digging or trenching required!

Dimex makes their No-Dig Landscape Edging using a recycled polyethylene material. This heavy-duty edging has a patented L-shaped profile. This piece measures 40 feet in length and 1-1/2 inches tall. This kit includes 12 durable 8-inch plastic spiral stakes and 2 connectors.

Dimex No-Dig Landscaping Edging installs easily on the ground surface. There is no need to dig or trench for installation. It even fits over existing tree roots and along paved surfaces. This edging is ideal for retaining many types of materials. Use it with mulch, pine needles, pebbles, river rock, and lava rock. It also works well for pinning down weed fabric.

Dimex designs this edging for easy installation. First, clear the installation area of loose soil and debris. Next, place edging in your desired shape on the cleared surface with the anchoring tabs facing inward. Cut the edging to length and connect the ends using the included connectors. Finish by securing with the plastic stakes, and you are ready to backfill!

Dimex No-Dig Landscaping Edging offers superior flexibility and workability. The patented L-shaped profile gives a clean edge to any shape garden. It also creates tight circles around trees. The unique no-dig design allows you to install this edging in areas where digging can be problematic. Plus, Dimex makes this product right here in the USA!

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Ship weight (pounds): 8-1/2
  • Edging height (inches): 1-1/2
  • Edging length (feet): 40
  • Tab base (inches): 2-1/8
  • Tab spacing (inches): 4
  • Stakes included: 12
  • Stake length (inches): 8
  • Connectors included: 2
Product Features
  • Flexible no-dig landscape edging kit
  • Patented L-shaped profile
  • Pre-drilled holes for staking
  • Includes plastic stakes and overlapping connectors
  • Made in the USA!
Product Benefits
  • Gives a clean edge to any garden and creates tight circles around trees
  • Installs easily on the ground surface without digging or trenching
  • Great for areas where digging is not possible
  • Fits over existing tree roots and along paved surfaces
  • Ideal for retaining many types of materials
  • Works well for pinning down landscape fabric
  • Cut to fit using pruners or shears
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