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Deluxe Upright Corn Broom

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Use this broom to get your speed up cleanup!

This broom's head combines natural broomcorn (85%) and natural sotol (15%) fibers. This head features a quadruple sewn design with a wire reinforcement band. The head connects to a 42-inch long, 1-1/8-inch diameter varnished hardwood handle.

This Upright Corn Broom is ideal for warehouse and general maintenance sweeping. The hairlike fibers of the natural broomcorn trap and hold dust particles. This broom offers a generous 14-inch sweeping surface, so you can get the job done faster.

This broom is incredibly durable, thanks to its wire reinforcement. The natural bristles are water-resistant and maintain their shape with even frequent use. The triple-sewn design ensures the bristles remain in the broom and not on the floor.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Overall length (inches): 57
  • Overall weight (pounds): 3
  • Head material: Broom corn (85%) and sotol (15%)
  • Head length (inches): 17
  • Head width (inches): 14
  • Handle material: Wood
  • Handle length (inches): 42
  • Handle diameter (inches): 1-1/8
Product Features
  • Upright broom
  • Natural broomcorn and sotol fibers
  • Quadruple-sewn design
  • Wire reinforcement
  • Varnished hardwood handle
Product Benefits
  • Ideal for warehouse and general maintenance sweeping
  • Hairlike fibers trap and hold dust particles
  • Generous sweeping surface helps speed up cleanup
  • Quadruple-sewn fibers remain in the broom instead of on the floor
  • Natural material is water-resistant and maintains its shape
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